So, a little secret; last October we had a skateboard party for Kay’s birthday and it was awesome. We had a ton of fun (as well as a ton of bruises!) and since then we’ve been slowly learning to skateboard for real. Its a little terrifying trying something new for the first time, but after many evenings practising in quiet car parks and going to our local girl skate session at Spit and Sawdust, we’re starting to get the hang of it!

Since then, we’ve really loved reading about the girl skate culture, watching endless videos of our fave girls Lizzie Armano on instagram. So when we found out about the girls skate night at House Of Vans we couldn’t wait to get involved!

If you haven’t been before, House Of Vans is a free multi arts and skate venue situated in the tunnels of Waterloo Train Station. It policy is that all their public events are free, so there are free art exhibitions, cinema sceenings, gigs every day, plus free use of the skate park. The place was designed and built with some of the best Vans skaters around, as well as being run by venue manager/pro skater Rob Smith, you know you’re in good hands, whether its your first time on a board or advanced.

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The girls skate night is a monthly event, encouraging all ages and abilities to come join for a skate jam, followed by a free yoga session and cocktails! Total dream! It was really inspiring to see so many girls come out, some giving skating a go for the first time and the more experienced girls tearing up the bowl. The best thing was seeing everyone supporting each other, loaning boards, helping out on the ramps and showing each other how to do tricks. Its not all about the skating, it was great to hang out with some awesome ladies, have a drink and check out the exhibitions. They’re planning another girls skate night at the end of the night, so make sure you sign up to their mailing list for all the info HERE.

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We should also mention that there are two resident dogs at the venue which is the coolest thing ever!

Massive thank you to the team at House Of Vans for looking after us and also for our super awesome new Vans!


(all photos from @houseofvansldn and @_yecats)