Happy Thursday!

This week’s Throwback Thursday goes to NOW 27, from the popular ‘NOW THATS WHAT I CALL MUSIC’ CD series. Released 28th March 1997, this double CD is packed full of hits and reminds us all that Right Said Fred really were a thing in the 90’s *shudder*.


Here’s our top 3 picks:


Recognise someone there? Yep. that’s right, this is Prof Brian Cox’s band from the 90’s (seen here in this video playing the keyboard) This was a particular favourite of mine and it was always a hit at birthday parties, when you would just throw your hands up in the air and run around in circles in the church hall.


A track that I didn’t enjoy until much later in life, this song was all over the radio in ’97 and it would brush past me. Now, I realise its absolute genius in its soft vocals and warm guitar sounds. Its also pretty cool to thing that indie was still a big hit so late in the 90’s as it fought for airplay with pop giants like The Spice Girls and American boy bands.


Heather Small, one of the UK’s treasured pop divas pre-2000 belts a song that gets you dancing at any time of the day. These days you’re more likely to hear it being murdered by a 40-something lady on a hen do at Karaoke, but I urge you to stick it on your morning playlist to make you walk into work like a boss!

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